The Planning Council’s Annual Report 2015-2016

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The Planning Council’s 2015-2016 Annual Report is now available.  Recently retired, President, Suzanne Puryear said “The retirement of key, long-time leadership provides and agency with the unique opportunities: to assess its accomplishments in decades rather than years; to recognize and optimize its talent; and to renew its commitment to a tradition of excellence. ” While celebrating our achievements, we are always looking into the future to see what else can be done. Some of our new initiatives include bringing a group of leaders together to become an Accountable Care Community, and Farm2Childcare which provides preschool aged children in Western Tidewater with fresh, local produce to decrease childhood obesity and hunger while increasing the local economy.  We look forward to more achievements in 2016-2017.

See our impact in the community for Children’s Services, Outreach and Referral and Community Planning and Development by going to  “our impact” page.


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