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The F2CC team has just recently hosted the latest Stakeholders meeting at the Suffolk DSS building.  With approximately 35 farmers, providers, and community stakeholders, this meeting was well attended. The meeting allowed for a panel of “fall pilot program” participants to share their feedback about their participation in the various F2CC activities.

Fall Pilots included:

  • Family Home Provider – CSA
  • Container Garden
  • Produce Fundraising Sale
  • Taste Test for students
  • Classroom hands-on activities
  • Incorporating local produce on weekly menus

In addition to getting new programs signed up and ready to start purchasing local foods, the F2CC team has offered and continues to offer trainings for local childcare providers.  On February 6th, the Grow It, Try It, Like It, and Seed Starting Demo took place.  At the end of the demo, each program left with an educational kit to demonstrate in the classroom, as well as the supplies and knowledge of how to start plants from seed.  Another opportunity for providers to get hands-on experience and resources will be on Thursday, April 21st at the Suffolk Head Start Program at 6:30pm.

Please reach out to the F2CC staff if you are interested in participating by serving local produce on your menu or being a farm producer for local childcare at or call 757-622-9268.

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