Board of Directors

The Planning Council is 501(c)(3) non-profit community-planning corporation governed by a volunteer regional Board of Directors.  We thank these dedicated supporters of quality childcare and community planning and engagement.


Mr. Richard J. Knox, Jr. – Chairman

Ms. Valerie Langhorne – Vice Chair

Ms. Oneiceia Howard – Secretary

Ms. Angela Kerns, CPA, HCCP – Treasurer


Executive Committee:

Ms. Joanne Berkley

The Honorable J. Samuel Glasscock

Mr. James R. Herndon-Audit Chair

Ms. Anne Odell

RADM Byron E. “Jake” Tobin (Ret.)

Ms. Eva Wiggins

Ms. J. Gail Nicula, Ph.D.Immediate Past President

Mr. Greg Grootendorst

Mr. Carter Smith

Advisory Board Members:

Ms. Shanna Wood, PHR

Ms. Nicole Brown-Griffin

Ms. Melissa Hamann

Mr. Benjamin Streetman

The Honorable John M. de Triquet, M.D.

The Honorable Paul J. Battle

The Honorable Sabrina Wooten

Mr. Donta Sharpe

Angela Kellam, Ex Officio