Board of Directors

The Planning Council is 501(c)(3) non-profit community-planning corporation governed by a volunteer regional Board of Directors.  We thank these dedicated supporters of quality childcare and community planning and engagement.


Ms. J. Gail Nicula, Ph.D. – Chairwoman

Mr. Richard J. Knox, Jr. – Vice Chair

Ms. Valerie Langhorne – Treasurer

Ms. Oneiceia Howard – Secretary


Executive Committee:

Ms. Joanne Berkley
The Honorable J. Samuel Glasscock
Mr. Charles  Harris
Mr. James R. Herndon-Audit Chair

Ms. Sharen E. Hughes – Nominating Chair

Ms. Anne Odell

RADM Byron E. “Jake” Tobin (Ret.)

Ms. Eva Wiggins
Ms. Shanna Wood, PHR

Board Members:

Mr. Ted Baroody
The Honorable Ben Davenport

The Honorable Daun S. Hester

Mr. William T. Mason, Jr.
The Honorable Joseph P. Massey
Mr. James A. Resolute, Jr.
Mr. Whitney Saunders, Esq.
Mr. Prescott Sherrod

Angela Kellam, Ex Officio

Mr. Carter Smith
The Honorable John M. de Triquet, M.D.
The Honorable Theresa W. Whibley, M.D