Education – Food and Farm Related

Educating children and the community on consuming fresh, local food is important. When asked, “where does food come from?” many children will answer the grocery store, McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, the refrigerator etc. They may not understand food is grown by farmers.

The education component of Farm2Childcare can easily be incorporated into daily activities for children, but can also educate families and staff.  Activities can include:

  • Classroom learning using fruits and vegetables to teach numbers, shapes, health and nutrition, colors and many more concepts
  • Lessons can be taught on how food grows, food systems and the daily jobs of farmers
  • Field trips to farms or Farmer’s Markets can be incorporated into summer activities
  • Kids can help create or make a recipes with fresh produce
  • Weekly newsletters home to families

 Get Involved

The Planning Council also has a Harvest of the Month Program in which child care centers can participate. This is a 6 month program in which they receive the “produce item of the month” with suggested activities and are required to do at least 2 of the activities.

If you are a childcare center or family home day provider in Western Tidewater, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Portsmouth and interested in participating please fill out our interest form.

If you are outside of these regions and would like to use our tools and resources click here (Coming Soon).