Procurement – local and regional fruits and vegetables

Procurement includes purchasing, serving and promoting locally grown produce.  In F2CC, locally is usually defined as “produce grown within the same county” but can also mean “produce grown within Virginia”.

The Planning Council Staff works to form relationships with many small growers and to understand their needs as well as challenges.  The goal is to give farmers another outlet to sell their produce for a fair-market value.  Click here to see a list of local farmers supporting F2CC.

The Planning Council also works with child care providers to help assess how they can purchase local foods.  This includes:

  • Assessing menus and recipes
  • Implementing serving strategies
  • Helping providers promote local farmers to children and families
  • Connecting providers and farmers to form lasting relationships

Get Involved

If you are a child care center in Western Tidewater, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk or Portsmouth and interested in purchasing, promoting or serving local produce or a local grower interested in participating in F2CC,  please contact us to learn more.

If you are outside of these regions and would like to use our tools and resources click here.